عن قفة

August 1 — December 1

التسوّق عبر صفحاتنا على فيسبوك

October 1 — December 1

عروض قفة الحصرية

August 1 — December 1

أخبار متجر قفة

October 1 — December 1

About Guffa

Guffa is an online multi-vendor marketplace based in Tripoli- Libya for almost all types of products. Guffa is also a logistics services company that enables shipping the online purchasing orders’ packages from sellers to end-users. Guffa has so far partnered with 197 local Libyan companies and individuals, and more than 300 Asian and

European suppliers. Guffa started in 2019 in Tripoli, and now it covers all Libya. The company’s management is planning to enter the regional market in the near future. The business was founded and owned by “Sawie” Family, whose member “Akram Sawie” was named as Guffa Chairman in 2019, and the other member “Khawlah Sawie” as Guffa CEO in 2020

Guffa Company for Marketing and E-Commerce

Guffa. Co. Ltd is the official owner of Guffa.Store